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Let's face it - the times have changed and many of the old forms of marketing are not working anymore. In today's new age of technology your marketing campaigns require a new way of reaching customers. At The Valley Management Group, we have developed many successful marketing campaigns that can reach your ideal customers.

We offer customers a unique shopping experience that can not only help educate the customer but also give each customer the right information to help make the best decision for them or their family.

Our clients are the leaders in the technology industry; ranging from electronics and MSO providers to renewable energy, home automation and more! We feel we can complement their niche with a superior marketing and sales team to keep them busy doing what they do best. With representatives nationally, our one-on-one approach allows us to get personal with our clients’ customers through direct marketing.


Brand Management

We understand that a company’s brand must be nurtured and constantly developed to maintain a strong position in the market. We enhance our clients’ brands by fully understanding their entire portfolio in order to educate consumers and help them select the right product and/or service for them. 

Business Development

Growth is the primary focus for both our company and our clients’ market reach. We understand that in order to ensure the success of our continued expansion goals, we need to invest heavily in the development of our future leaders, whom in turn allow us to manage more clients and new markets.  

Sales & Marketing

We specialize in a direct marketing approach within our retail partnerships. This method allows us to engage with shoppers face to face to create the optimal experience for our clients’ customers. We believe this in-person approach allows us to establish strong and positive associations with our clients’ brands. 

Client Relations

Advertising is the first approach of communicating our clients’ products and services to their targeted market and we take great pride in ensuring custom marketing strategies are properly executed across our retail partners to surpass our clients’ expectations. 

Customer Acquisitions

We bridge the gap between potential consumers and our clients’ advertising promotions and marketing promotions. We understand how to connect with the local market in-person to effectively acquire quality customers on behalf of our clients.

Customer Service

With today’s technology, we found that most consumers are frustrated with the lack of human interaction available through automated phone systems and online chat support. Our customer service approach allows our clients’ customers to speak with us in-person to ensure they are getting the assistance they want. We engage with customers to create and maintain brand loyalty by providing superior customer service.

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